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Variety of sessions

Variety of Sessions

I offer various types of sessions with each session accomplishing something unique. I offer packages where I do a different type of session each week to reach an end goal, typically 4-6 sessions, each session on its own is powerful but when layered in such a way is ultimately life changing. Clients experience amazing results with each session and yet each session becomes more powerful, after just a few sessions the client is not even the same person they were when I first met them.  The results they achieve in such a short amount of time is absolutely remarkable - and I am so blessed and grateful to be able to be a part of their journey.  


I will give a brief description below of various types of sessions, just so you have a reference point but please understand there isn't any way for me to convey how truly amazing and healing these sessions are, it would be like trying to describe the beauty and excitement of fireworks on the 4th of July lol  some things just have to be experienced in order to "get it" 

Every package includes me teaching you how to use self-hypnosis so that you have the tools you need to improve every aspect of your life 


Spiritual Hypnosis

What is spiritual hypnosis

I offer many types of hypnosis sessions, however the majority of them are spiritually based and the reason for this is because our spirit is the most intelligent part of us it is the part of us that never dies- whether you believe that when your body dies your spirit goes to heaven or whether you believe in reincarnation - the majority of people do believe that a part of them lives on after this physical life is over.

This part that lives on is the spirit or AKA Higher Self this is the most intelligent part of our being and has access to information beyond our wildest imagination.

By now most of us have heard of the power of meditation - while there are various types of meditation the majority of them consist of quieting the mind and allowing spirit to come through and connecting to spirit to feel whole, complete and gain insights and inspiration, which is very needed with today's hectic lifestyle.  

The majority of people today are disconnected from their spirit and this leaves people feeling lonely, over whelmed, stressed, depressed  and anxious. 

Being disconnected and out of alignment with our spirit is the basis for most pain and suffering. Meditation is awesome and life changing however it can take years if not decades to accomplish in meditation what can be accomplished in a single session of spiritual hypnosis. 

Meditation is learning to quiet the mind so spirit can come through while spiritual hypnosis is opening up a dialog with the Higher self and accessing information. Not only are we able to access much information, we can heal old hurts and wounds on a soul level almost instantly while re-establishing a connection with spirit so that we have a mind-body-spirit connection, we need this because spirit is our connection to inner strength and security and our source of creativity and inspiration and really the secret to happiness and fulfillment.  


Menu of Services

Get a fresh perspective

Direct suggestion hypnosis

 Have you ever heard of the benefits of doing affirmations ? Well direct suggestion sessions are like affirmations on the strongest steroids you can imagine. In hypnosis our conscious mind inst in the way so we are able to directly 'implant" positive suggestions into the subconscious and they grab hold and take affect like a seed planted in fertile soil under perfect conditions, sprouting quickly and growing ferociously. One session of this type is more powerful than doing affirmations in a normal waking state everyday for months if not years.  I teach all my clients how to do self hypnosis and they can easily incorporate direct suggestion into their self hypnosis. 

This type of session is used for things like quitting smoking, increase sales, improving performance,motivation, public speaking etc. 

Spiritual Hypnosis

During this session we work with higher guidance to regress back to the cause of the issue and then we remove triggers that are creating unwanted patterns We then remove the habit of having the issue as well as any identity associated with having the issue. Then we remove any negative energies and do a soul cleansing   so that it is very healing on a soul level as well as physical, mental and emotional. Its like being reset to optimal factory settings lol 

It's like if you were going to paint an object that had flaking paint - the object would need to be cleaned and resurfaced before repainting for optimal results - that is what this session does- it gives us a fresh surface as well as so much more! 

Also during this session a special self hypnosis is taught so that the client can put themselves back into hypnosis very easily and can easily communicate with their own higher guidance! 

Soul Purpose

This is a very special session and so life changing. During this session we regress back to before the soul enters the body for this lifetime and we learn what the souls purpose in this lifetime is all about. We discover why we have the parents we have and what lessons we are here to learn during this lifetime .

We have access to so much wisdom and knowledge from every souls perspective and forgiveness of self and others becomes a piece of cake because our question of "why" this or that happened is answered. I have had so many clients who have worked at forgiveness for years unsuccessfully be able to not only achieve complete forgiveness for themselves and others  from this session but just feel complete gratitude for everything and have a whole new lease on life with an understanding of their life purpose. 

Ultra Height

I'm not exactly sure how to explain this one other than its absolutely amazing lol!  Some might consider it astral travel or out of body experience I'm not exactly how to describe it its kinda like trying to explain how an orgasm feels lol - I will say that it is out of this world and we go to a place where there are helpers who love us unconditionally and answer all our questions and are happy to help us remove blockages, find solutions to health problems or any other issues we are having in our life. 

In all of my packages I teach my clients self hypnosis and this is one of the last sessions that I do - if the client has been practicing self hypnosis  and working on their ability' over the past few weeks I teach them how to get here to this place anytime they choose. It isn't difficult but does require practice to be able to do it on your own

Past life regression

Past life regression can be very healing and release so much karma. Ironically we don't have to believe in past lives to experience it or benefit from it - I do regular regression to cause for this lifetime and its very common for clients who don't even believe in past lives to regress to being someone else in another time lol - while this can be a huge surprise for them it is always very healing. 

So with past life regression - we do just that we regress back to a past life that has everything to do with this life and we release karma and we can bring back talents and skills - there is actually a lot that can be accomplished in PLR

For example - I had a client that had chronic pain in his back - in PLR  he experienced suddenly falling off a cliff and landing on a jagged rock landing in the ocean and drowning - after this session the pain in his back as well as his asthma went away.

Another client was married to a man that was a unhappy relationship they didn't get a long at all but for some reason she couldn't leave - in her PLR she experienced being in love with him before as a young white girl but

her ( then) parents didn't approve of him and sent him away - he was one of their slaves - she vowed to love only him  forever she was able to release this contract and after this session she later had a peaceful divorce and was able to move on.   

This is a very small sample of things that can be accomplished with PLR.

Regression to cause

Regression to cause gets to the root of the problem. We regress back to what caused us to feel anxiety, unloved, , low self esteem etc - you name it  ANY problem we have has a cause - cause and affect are universal law and its never what we think the problem is - because if it was then we wouldn't have the problem lol 

Once we regress back to the initial cause then we do healing for the inner child and release these trapped emotions so they no longer affect us and by doing so we release the unwanted patterns such as emotional eating, addictions, anxiety ,procrastination etc

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Forgiveness of self and others

Holding on to bitterness and resentment  weighs us down and can make us physically ill, its like us drinking poison and hoping some one else will die lol - forgiveness of others does not mean that what they did was ok, it just means for our own mental emotional and physical health we are going to forgive and let it go. 

This is much easier in hypnosis because we have access to so much more information - we can see things from the other persons point of view and understand what made them the way they are we are able to finally forgive and move on.

And holding on to guilt for our past that we can not change is also unhealthy for us- so in this sessions again we have access to so much information we are able to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes.

After this session every client comments on how they feel lighter and more free than ever before

Parts therapy in hypnosis

Ever had moments where part of you wants to do this and another part wants something else and its like your going in circles in your mind?  lol I think we have all experienced this at some time. So instead of just staying in procrastination - crazy mode  This session gets all parts on the same page so we can move forward.

Life Between Lives

Life between lives is just that - it is experiencing where we go and what happens after we die- while many people do this session out of just curiosity it is actually amazing at how much knowledge can be gained from this session - it changes our perception  on everything in life - when we gain knowledge to this magnitude we simply cannot go back to thinking about things like we did before. It opens us up spiritually in a way that can't be described. We will see many souls who we have know in this lifetime and this session is amazing at helping with grief issues as well as many other emotional issue its an extremely powerful session.  

Chakra clearing

This session opens and clears all 12 chakras helps balance our body and opens up our intuition tremendously 

7th path self hypnosis

For those who only want to learn self hypnosis I teach 7th path which is a spiritual based self- hypnosis. I teach you how to put yourself in hypnosis and we work with 9 recognition with each one doing something different such as connecting us to spirit, releasing guilt and resentment , manifesting physical things , bringing in gratitude etc.  

Shamanic Journey


Shamanic Journey Lower World

With the Shamanic Journey in the lower world we retrieve any fragmented soul pieces, we re-frame limiting beliefs , retrieve our spirit animal and learn about hidden gifts

Shamanic Journey Upper World

With the Shamanic upper world we discover our life purpose, our highest destiny, meet our original self and release karma from past lives. We can only go to the upper world after doing the work in the lower world.