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Services, Packages and Pricing



I offer different types of hypnosis sessions depending on the needs of my client. I offer direct suggestion, 5path®, Regression, Simpson protocol and spiritual hypnosis such as past life regression, life between lives and informed soul, chakra balancing etc.  All packages include learning self hypnosis within the sessions. 

5Path® Package

5path® is typically 4-6 sessions. With this protocol we work on a specific issue such as anxiety, weight loss etc.  with 5path® each session builds upon itself - with this type of hypnosis we regress back to cause, do work with healing the inner child and forgiveness of self and others. This is a very advanced type of hypnosis and is extremely effective at resolving the underlying cause of the issue - clearing the problem once and for all. This also includes learning self hypnosis. 

Spiritual Hypnosis

This package includes 5 sessions. with each session building on the last. Simpson protocol which connects client to their higher self, past life regression, life between lives, informed soul ( learning our life purpose) and Chakra  cleansing and alignment. This package also includes learning self hypnosis.

Individual direct suggestion sessions

Direct suggestion hypnosis is very effective for things like increasing sales, stopping smoking, nail biting, public speaking, increasing confidence, motivation etc. This type of work typically only takes 1-2 sessions 


 **** September Special ! Until the end of September I am running a special for sessions just $125 each ( no other discounts applicable )

 Normaly sessions are $200 per session and a 20% discount is offered for clients who pay for 5 sessions in advance. A client can do one session and decide at the end of the session whether or not they want to do the package.


Additional Information

Sessions are done either in person at my office or on zoom. The ideal situation is to do 1 session once a week. Sessions take 1-2 hrs depending on what we are working on.