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Where does coaching fit in


How does coaching fit in?

I combine coaching with hypnosis. While hypnosis is the best modality for working with the subconscious and eliminating self limiting beliefs and ridding ourselves of negative behaviors, coaching is effective at working with the conscious mind and implementing NEW behaviors. I use coaching tools to help you get clear on what you REALLY want and then help you find a way to implement changes in your daily life to help you reach that goal. As your coach I will  work with your own ability to make changes by helping you to  see a clear vision of what an optimal life means to you.  This is done by  looking at your desired state, taking into account your values and goals,  helping you identify any obstacles to success, and helping you create  strategies to push past barriers so that you can achieve your desired outcome.   In addition ,as your coach I will  provide additional support and encouragement  by holding you accountable for your commitments, and providing information  about resources, if requested, to support these goals.  By working with  you in a self-discovery process, you are able to discover what you really want  your life to look like.  Once you have this clear vision, along with the  support,  and proper tools you are much more likely to be able to sustain these  changes over time. 

I offer a free no obligation, consultation

I offer a free 30 min phone consultation, this gives us an opportunity to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit working together please set up a consultation so that I can answer any questions that you have. 

Muscle Testing

A quick video on how to do muscle testing